Sunbed tanning

Whether you want that “just off the beach” look or a light sun-kissed glow, you can trust Baked Buns to help you find your perfect shade.  

We have a full range of indoor tanning systems ranging from our relaxing 20-minute sunbeds to our advanced bronzing beds that include features like face and shoulder tanners, and more. Come by for your ultimate relaxing experience.

Tan Fact

Many tanners choose to combine sunless spray tanning with sunbed tanning—a method called cocktail tanning.

Cocktail Tanning

Get optimal results with cocktail tanning.

What is cocktail tanning? A combination of a sunbed tan followed immediately by a sunless session.   

Why should I cocktail tan? Sunbed tanning uses UV rays to trigger melanin production, while opening up your pores and allowing the sunless spray solution to penetrate your skin. This produces an even darker, deeper and longer-lasting tan.